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Model AD 515 / 635

Strong as single versions, unbeatable together! Without a doubt the unique combination of surface and thickness planer allows both operation modes without up-folding the tables - even at the same time! As a result time savings of 25% are very fast to reach. In addition up- and down-folding of the jointing tables is possible in every position of the thickness table, what's supposed to be another unique characteristic. The distinguished HOFMANN iron cast quality and the intelligent ergonomics round out the package perfectly.

Proven design in cast iron, among others strongly ribbed machine table with a finest planed surface
jointing tables up-foldable (except AD "fix")
serrated table lips - exchangeable (to reduce noise level)
the jointing fence is adjustable over the complete width, tiltable up to 45 degrees with one-hand lever-operation;
scale for workpiece size at the fence;
auxiliary fence integrated in the main fence
the thickness table is fourfold guided! Only these four guides guarantee an absolute safety against tilting and the exact table guidance in the long run;
guideways adjustable central control unit with pushbuttons for height adjustment in rapid and creep speed;
motorized adjustment of the thickness table;
height adjustment accurate to 0,1 mm;
chip removal indicated on a LED display;
additional scale for width of the workpiece;
integrated operating hours counter
rubber infeed roller and outfeed roller (highest quality, wear-resistant)
2 feed rates: 7 + 14 m/min;
changeable while planing thickness planing is even possible without the need of folding up the planing tables;
therefore extraction chute integrated in jointer fence with slide for dust suction planing guard 'TX GL', cover
foldable electronic starting and braking devise

Precision and power meet highest reliability! Two pull-out rollers in the standard version, the four-fold table mounted on four spindles and double-row precision ball bearings on the knife shaft guarantee even after years best results without downtime. Here, too, the rock solid Hofmann quality is found and ensures the highest level of smoothness and ideal vibration damping.

Proven technology for perfect planing results! Every surface planer is made of the legendary long-life and vibration-absorbing HOFMANN cast iron quality. Jointing tables of 3.000 mm lenght (1.500 mm each) with finest planed surface provide a perfect work space. A maximum of ergonomic comfort is guaranteed by extra foot room in the lower frame for example. Furthermore the complete jointing fence with smooth-running roller guides can be adjusted by just one hand and is pivotable till 45 degrees. All control elements are reachable from the operating position all the time.
proven design in cast iron, strongly ribbed cast iron tables with a finest planed surface
serrated table lips - exchangeable (to reduce noise level)
hollow and point rabbet with indication, operating at infeed table
the jointer fence is adjustable over the complete width, mounted in an easy running roller bed, tiltable up to 45 degrees with one-hand lever-operation; scale for workpiece size at the fence
auxiliary fence integrated in the main fence
planing guard 'TX GL', cover foldable bracket for the feeder
electronc starting and braking device
electrical equipment in accordance with VDE/EN 60204, master switch is also used as kill switch, emergency key,
motor protective switch, winding and under-voltage protection, contact for actuation of dust extraction
system, brake
solid steel cutterblock with 4 TERSA knives
equipment: one set of knives (installed), operating tools, press of grease, operating instruction
CE-conform , BG-wood dust mark no. 081040"

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